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  1. Did you know this?

    Although I have to change everything because I created the site using iWeb, this is an example of what I am doing to keep the history of art and architecture alive and open. I want to add music for each culture and have students try out making the same sounds and rhythms as the people created in their time.

    I take an around the world approach rather than a Western Art approach. I add questions to increase the critical thinking and seeng of the learner. I want everyone to make something after they have completed a unit.

    I realize you wrote this in 2009 and I was working on the site then.

    The new version of the site should be up soon.

    Katherine Bolman

  2. Victor, edtech tools is super. The subject divisions are relevent and easy to navigate. Cool Tools, Trends and Hot List are terrific in that they provide a snapshot of a tool, gadget, book or trend without over powering the reader with too much detail. it provides just enough information to wet the appetite but not so much as to cause indigestion by information overload. I believe that educators and educational technologists will benefit from the tight, concise nature of edtech tools. Best of luck going forward!

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