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Trends: “The Class”

In Trends on February 10, 2010 at 8:52 pm

THIS VIDEO IS HILARIOUS! For any fans of “The Office” — you’ll immediately recognize the ironic realism and ultimately hopeful hopelessness that permeates the atmosphere in this smartly done take on where technology is at in today’s classrooms. You may be shaking your head and rolling your eyes in agreement to many of its cracks on the state of “21st century learning” —and even as it borrows from a well-known show—it’s still a refreshing and original six minutes that goes by almost as quickly as the last decade did. Cheers to the Denver University Innovation Class that produced it! Sure, not all classes are like this one—but it certainly hits hard on many different levels. Notice the 12,871 views in the above screen capture—guaranteed to go up from there. Just how much? Well, see for yourself when you, too, view ‘The Class’.


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