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Cool Tool: Cinemin Swivel

In Cool Tools on December 19, 2009 at 11:18 pm

SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING A Starbuck’s barista might try to upsell you on after you order your latte, as in: “Would you like a cinemin swivel with that today?” But you’ve got to pull the word apart a bit more to get the true idea. Think: cine as in cinema and min as in miniature. Yes, this is a mini-movie projection device about the size of a candy bar, or as the–that’s right–WowWee company likes to say, a “multimedia pico projector that makes it amazingly simple to show and share movies, videos, photos, games and slides.” In other words, if you have something cool trapped on your computer, iphone or other electronic device, you can plug it in to the cinemin swivel and beam it onto any surface to set it free. Changes show and tell, changes giving an example of something in class–changes a lot of things. For $299, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Eat it up in this video.


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