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Hotlist: Top 10 edtech bloggers

In Hotlist on November 27, 2009 at 10:16 am

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PETE REILLY, ED TECH JOURNEYS. Pete is the past president of the New York State Association of Computers and Technology in Education (NYSCATE); New York State’s ISTE affiliate, an adjunct professor at New York Institute of Technology; and the founder of the Technology Leadership Institute, among other affiliations. His blog is heartfelt, sincere and powerful. Visit:   

KEN ROYAL, THE EDUCATORS’ ROYAL TREATMENT. Technology editor at Scholastic Administr@tor magazine, Ken is a veteran teacher with 34 years of classroom experience. He’s also been an instuctional technology specialist, has been honored as a teacher of the year numerous times and recognized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Catch him on video at the Scholastic site, or visit:

ALEXANDER RUSSO, THIS WEEK IN EDUCATION. Written by this journalist and former Senate education staffer, This Week in Education gives you the inside scoop on all the latest education news and politics. “Performance Management: Is There An App For That?” is but one example of Alexander’s style and tone: at once intellectually gentle yet skeptical, entertaining and provocative. Visit:

WILL RICHARDSON, WEBLOGG-ED. His approach: “There’s no doubt that a lot of our kids know more than we do about how to use technology. It’s really important that we keep up with the types of technologies that kids are using as it will be their grammar–how they construct their own meaning and learning.” A very smart teacher and communicator, Will speaks from experience about the blog-and-learning connection. Visit:

KATHY SCHROCK, KATHYSCHROCK.NET. Director of Technology for Nauset Public Schools on Cape Cod, MA, Kathy is somewhat famous in the edtech world if not for having been around for so long. An avid user of the Internet since 1993, she’s an expert in emerging technologies as well as using technology as a tool to support instruction. Her Guide for Educators grows daily and is hosted by Discovery Education. Visit:

ANDY CARVIN, PBS TEACHERS LEARNING.NOW. A seasoned world-traveler, founding editor of the Digital Divide Network, founder of WWWEDU (the Internet’s oldest education forum), he is a former board member for the Consortium for School Networking and has published extensively from more than 20 countries through his blog, “Andy Carvin’s Waste of Bandwidth”.  Visit:  

LISA NIELSEN, THE INNOVATIVE EDUCATOR. Gotta love someone who pushes for a practice-what-you-preach approach: “21st-century educators don’t say, ‘hand it in’. They say, ‘publish it!’” she writes in one post on her very richly-populated blog. Offering examples, resources and useful content with a sense of humor and a purpose to get learning done, Lisa is a technology innovation manager for NYC DOE. Visit:

ANDREW ROTHERHAM, EDUWONK. A bit of a stretch to call him an edtech blogger, but if you’re blogging about education these days, technology is no doubt a strong component. Andrew is co-founder and publisher of Education Sector, an independent national education policy think tank. He’s been described in different ways by many people as being witty, on top of trends, and at the forefront of US education policy. Visit:  

DAVID WARLICK, 2 CENTS WORTH. An educator for more than 30 years, he’s now a consultant and innovator at The Landmark Project, and his Landmarks for Schools site enjoys more than half a million visits a day with some of the most popular resources for teachers available anywhere on the Internet. He’s a great speaker with a contagious enthusiasm for learning. Catch him at:

TED, IDEAS WORTH SPREADING. Alright, this isn’t really a blog at all–and TED isn’t really a person’s name; it’s an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. But if you haven’t already stumbled upon this site, I challenge you to find a more intellectually and spiritually inspiring place on the Internet. For the same reasons you are looking for a good blog, spend a few minutes with one of the riveting speakers here. Visit:


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